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How To Create A User Friendly Blog For Your Business Website

Your website needs to be user friendly if you ever want it to be successful.

That sounds like a harmless term but it can be brutally unforgiving if you’ve got it all wrong. It’ll be obvious when you get it wrong because your numbers are going to be in the toilet. Get some analytics on your site and start figuring out where the trouble spots are. You might even hire a person to do a user friendly criteria site audit. Whatever may be going on, if you’d like to have a good business, you are going to take this seriously.

business website

You might not understand what “above the fold” means but, in this regard, it means what is immediately visible when you visit a website. This means what you see before you have to start scrolling. The above the fold space is where your most important information and page elements ought to be. Those are the things that you almost want to force upon your visitors before they move on. It’s perfectly sensible of course and yet it’s a thing that most website owners don’t seem to understand at all. Make sure you understand just how well your website does in this regard. If you are failing here, do whatever you have to do to improve, even if it means redesigning your home page. Remember: the first thing you have to do is tell people what you’re offering to them.


It is important to prove that you are better than the competition but you already know that.

There are lots of things you can do to set yourself apart but what matters most is that the ways you do this actually work for you. The best way to do this is to be sure that visitors to your website instantly understand precisely what it is that you are offering. That’s what people want to see every single time they visit your website. They need to know what it is you offer what how it will be of benefit to them. Have a logo with a short tag line under it on the upper left either in the header or just under it. It is a single informational device with the site title and then the first paragraph on your site picking up whatever slack is leftover.

The home page copy needs to be descriptive, but you can always entice them with an offer in a non-sales type way.

Don’t forget that if you’re doing SEO, you now want to minimize the number of ads above the fold. By default, most themes will make all the side bars the same on various pages, and that’s not always a good idea. The usual place for subscribing to your list is on the top right, but what about trying a different approach with placement? Your images used for ebooks and ads are important, but you know that copy is what it comes down to in the end.

Keep in mind that a user friendly site is one that contains good usability methods. Getting all this right will take some time, but it’s an ongoing work in progress. No more wondering what you can do to make your business performance improve. Don’t do what so many others do which is nothing – you have to build your business.

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